We believe that being a committed member of a local congregation is necessary for living out biblical Christianity. In membership we commit to gather together for worship, to love and grow together by being involved in a small group, and to go using our gifts to serve others in gospel ministry.

The following are the requirements for membership at Brainard Avenue Baptist Church: 

1. Personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord (repentance) and Savior (belief). 

2. Submission to Him as Lord and identification with Him through baptism upon conversion. 

3. Belief that Brainard Avenue Baptist Church is where God is leading you to use your gifts to build up this body in love. 

Upon meeting these requirements, the following is the process of becoming a member: 

1. Completion of the Discovering BABC Class. 

2. A meeting will be scheduled with one of our pastors to get better acquainted, collect from you some brief biographical information, and give you an opportunity to share about your experience of God's saving work in your life. 

3. Upon recommendation of the pastor who conducted your membership meeting, you will admitted into membership by the entire congregation at one of our member meetings.